About me

avatarHi once again! Let’s get acquainted closer. My name is Alexey. Almost all my professional life which is lasting for 12 years already I (in such or another way) devoted to software quality assurance (aka software testing). The major part of my technical expertise lies in the world of Java-based technologies and web-products (this of course does not mean I refuse other popular domains) in application to development of multilayer enterprise solutions. I also have pretty strong knowledge of modern tools which can as help manual testers to perform their job effectively as help test automation enginners to implement effective and flexible test solutions which can be easily integrated in given CI process.

Why did such project as WebElement.click() see the light? There were two reasons. First of all there is growing demand in Russian segment of Internet (yes, the target audience for the resource is Russian audience) . The second one is that learning new technologies (as in testing as in development) is my personal interest, that is why by touching poics which are new to me, I help you and help myself at the same time. So, basically, this site is my attempt to kill two birds with one stone (or to kill two rabbits with one shot as we say in Russia). I will appreciate your feedback about the usability in general, about the content, etc. Any feedback is actually appreciated. Messages can be sent from here.