Hi username! Glad to see you here! Since you have reached this site I assume that you like software testing. More likely you are (or plan to be) a professional software testing engineer. Better if you already have an idea or experience and skills in manual software testing area, because here we’re going to discuss the problems of automated software testing (or semi-automated) as well as the manual testing with help of dedicated program tools.

The content that is going to be presented here meets the concept of blogging in the most part. There are hashtags here (like this one: #Selenium) which can be used for searching for the related articles or topics. Here you also can find code snippets with code highlighting that makes understanding more easy. Actually, according to original idea, the site is more structured and implemented in the way making the search bots crawl the pages rather the real people do. The real people are assumed to get here from search engines.

The original idea was to make the blog as simple as possible. Probably that fact made the convenience of navigation and searching not meeting enough current users demand. Of course this problem will be getting solved with time (hopefully with your help).

By the way, regarding the latter thing.. It is worth visiting the page About me where I disclose who I am and what is my motivation to create this blog.

So-o…​ I guess the last thing I should say here is what my plans are. After all the existing content will be brought to some kind of normal state, I would like to move further from just an informational function of the resource to some kind of tool-set that would be integrated in the articles content and would help people to better understand the idea of articles and have some better practice on article topics.

Well, now that is it! Let’s go!

class HelloWorldPlay {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello World!");

P.S. - Site was launched in August 2019.